Sonju Industrial (SI) is an award winning aerospace manufacture located in Kalispell Montana. It provides turn-key solutions to its customers by offering capabilities in CNC Machining, Process Finishing, and Assembly in one facility. With its vertical integration capability, SI reduces risk to its end-user by offering capabilities that matter the most. From model based drawings (MBD) to product based definition (PBD), SI offers front-end Engineering to its customers, including a wide variety of CNC equipment that produces precision parts for numerous weapon platforms. To help reduce cost and timely delays, SI is broadening its process finish and assembly capabilities that will stream-line the way we do business.

SI offers a “virtual factory” that includes a robust ERP system (Global Solutions) that tracks our customer’s parts in real time allowing every employee, customer, and visitor to know exactly where their parts are. Furthermore, we have installed HD Television monitors throughout our facility to provide visual aids to our employees. These visual aids provide status updates, company goals and variation management matrixes. We have also incorporated computer tablets throughout our organization to allow our factory workers to go “paperless” which in turn helps our scheduling efficiencies and factory throughput.

SI is striving to reduce risk to our customers by relentlessly pursuing lean principles, by investing in technology, and providing the necessary resources to get the job done. SI is also investing in its employees by giving them the training they need, and developing a culture that expects nothing short of world class results.

2902 Hwy 93 North
Kalispell, MT 59901

(406) 752-7979


Made in Montana, USA

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